Vanilla is regarded as world's most popular aroma and flavor, and is a commonly used a compounding ingredient in flavor and fragrance formulations. It has a sweet, smoky, woody flavor.

Our Vanilla Extract is a Natural Extract derived from the beans of the Vanilla vines, which are native to Indonesia. At Van Aroma, we have dedicated significant efforts in developing and refining our Vanilla extract formulae.

We offer a variety of folds depending on the specific requirements of our customers (Check grades below). Our Vanilla extracts are Non-GMO, made with food grade alcohol.



Vanilla is the only fruit of the orchid family that is edible and is the largest family of flowering plants in the world. Vanilla planifolia is the main species of vanilla harvested. Although vanilla orchids are native to mexico, they are now widely grown throughout the tropics, indonesia and madagascar amongst the world's largest producers. As a country, indonesia is well placed for the cultivation of vanilla, and in fact, produces considerably better quality than the average international standards.

How do we get our Vanilla Extract?


We get all our Vanilla extract through the solvent extraction of Vanilla Planifolia.
Our offering consists of multiple folds and solvents depending on your requirements.