Cultivation of Nutmeg in Indonesia


The region where numeg is cultivated yield varying qualities of numeg oil.

Indonesia is currently the largest producer of Nutmeg Oil in the world, providing 75% to 80% of the global supply. It is also one of the top three largest producers of Mace Oil. The three areas where Nutmeg is mainly grown in Indonesia are Java, Aceh in North Sumatra and the Spice Islands in and around Sulawesi. 80% to 90% of the Nutmeg Oil processed is used for flavouring in beverages.



Why does the quality of Nutmeg Oil vary across regions?


Aceh and Java produce tender nutmeg while the mature nutmeg from the spice island is mainly cultivated to be used as a spice

Nutmeg is indigenous to Indonesia and is cultivated across the archipelago, but harvesting techniques differ in the western and the eastern parts. The tender nutmeg from Aceh and Java result in a higher yield of oil better suited for distillation. Meanwhile, the Spice Islands / Sulawesi yield mature Nutmeg, which is mainly used as a spice. Only the unusable Nutmeg from these islands, that cannot be used for spices is used to produce Nutmeg Oil. This results in a relatively inferior quality of Nutmeg Oil..


Regions of Cultivation





Why does Indonesia have two types of Nutmeg production?


During the colonial era, the people in west indonesia taught that nutmag fruits must be picked continously, in order to encourage the trees to keep fruiting all year round.

By adopting the tradition of harvesting early and frequently, the people in west Indonesia could steam distill the young tender Nutmeg that produces a high yield of Nutmeg Oil that is best suited for distillation. While the people of East Indonesia were taught to remove the Mace and Nutmeg from the fruit. They were also taught to harvest the Nutmeg only when they have fully matured since it was believed that early cropping results in the death of the tree. These older and ripe fruits are suitable for sale as a spice but are not so good for distilling because of their low oil content.





How do we get our Nutmeg Oil ?


We get all our Nutmeg Oil from local Indonesian farmers and accumulators who harvest and process the Nutmeg through steam distillation to produce a crude form of Nutmeg Oil.




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