Introduction to Citronella Oil


Citronella oil is obtined primarily from the leaves and stem of the perennial grass "CYMBOPOGON" of the lemongrass family

Citronella is commonly used in soaps, candles, perfumes and other products in the cosmetic industry. It is also a plant based, non toxic insect repellant, registered for this use in the United States since 1948.



Why does the quality of Nutmeg Oil vary across regions?


Aceh and Java produce tender nutmeg while the mature nutmeg from the spice island mainly cultivated to be used as a spice

Nutmeg is indigenous to Indonesia and is cultivated across the archipelago, but harvesting techniques differ in the western and the eastern parts. The tender nutmeg from Aceh and Java result in a higher yield of oil better suited for distillation. Meanwhile, the Spice Islands / Sulawesi yield mature Nutmeg, which is mainly used as a spice. Only the unusable Nutmeg from these islands, that cannot be used for spices is used to produce Nutmeg Oil. This results in a relatively inferior quality of Nutmeg Oil.

Regions of Cultivation



How do we get our Citronella Oil ?


We get all our Citronella Oil from local Indonesian farmers and accumulators who harvest and process the crop through steam distillation to produce a crude form of Citronella oil.




CT-001 Citronella Java Oil
CT-101 Citronellal Natural 85%+
CT-102 Citronellal Natural 90%+
CT-103 Citronellal Natural 95%+
CT-201 Geraniol Natural 85%+
CT-301 Rhodinol Natural
CT-202 Geranyl Acetate 98%+
- Citrefort 75% - PMD
- Citrefort 85% - PMD
CT-490 Citrefort 90% - PMD
- Citronellol Natural