The benzoin resin is a common ingredient in incense making and perfumery because of it’s vanilla ice cream aroma and fixative properties.

There are two commonly available Benzoin varieties popularly known as Benzoin Sumatra (Styrax Benzoin which grows predominantly on the island of Sumatra.) and Benzoin Siam (Styrax tonkinensis, found across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam). While the process of obtaining crude resin from both types is identical, they display different attributes.

How we get our Benzoin Resinoids or Crystals


The crude resin then goes through the process of solvent extraction at our facilities to produce premium grades of Benzoin Resinoid and Absolute.




BZ-0001 Benzoin Sumatra - Sugar Size
BZ-0101 Benzoin Resinoid 50% BB
BZ-0102 Benzoin Resinoid 50% PG
BZ-0103 Benzoin Resinoid 50% DPG
BZ-0104 Benzoin Resinoid 50% DEP
BZ-0105 Benzoin Resinoid 60% DPG
BZ-0106 Benzoin Resinoid 40% BB
BZ-0107 Benzoin Resinoid 50% Ethanol
BZ-0201 Benzoin Crystals 100%
BZ-0301 Benzoin Absolute
BZ-0108 Benzoin Resinoid 35% BB
BZ-0002 Benzoin Sumatra - Kasar size