Passionate about Purity

We guarantee the purity of our products to be from a particular species, grown in a specific region of the world, and most importantly, free from adulteration.

Devoted to Quality

Manufacturing under the industry standards, our facility includes a state of the art laboratory and non sterile TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved clean rooms. We trace our oils through all stages of supply, accurately recording the quality and use of every oil.

Committed to Research

Innovation is an integral part of the way we add value to our customer’s business. Through research, development and design, we complement our clients’ services thus adding to their competitive advantage.

Able to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, perfumery, hygiene, or fragrance industry we can provide products at a price and standard that meets with your requirements.


PT.VAN Aroma has set up an State of the Art in-house analysis facility comprising of GC, Refractometer, Polarometer, Chemical analysis equipments & other laboratory equipments… Our technology is aligned with the industry’s best practice.

Technical Support

We have expert team of technicians led by specialists in the fields of essential oil pharmacology, perfumery and chemistry who are continually researching new products and ingredients.

Secure Supply

Our logistic infrastructure removes the risk and uncertainty involved in Global Sourcing so our customers are assured of responsive and timely delivery.